From Chrysanthemums to roses

Growing up, Ferry and Jeroen Brabander were much involved in the cultivation of ornamental plants. After the chrysanthemum nursery was sold, they chose to start growing roses instead.

Passion roses

For this purpose, a new company was built in a new horticultural area in the Noordpolder in Berkel en Rodenrijs. Using the most modern techniques, they started to grow Passion Roses.

It did not take too long before the roses became loved by buyers and customers thanks to their colour, workability, durability and quality. In this period, De Singel established its excellent reputation.

New rose type

In 2010, they transferred to a new type of rose, the Miss Piggy+. Later in the same year, they introduced the All4Love+. In 2015, the company was turned into Porcella Rosa, but the renowned company name De Singel remains to exist.

Rose nursery "De Singel"

De Singel exclusively grows these roses. Ordering one of the two types guarantees the best quality, De Singel quality!

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