Over 10 miljoen roses a year

Porcella Rosa, trouwboeketOn a movable system, under almost 40.000 square metres of glass, are 325.000 rose plants. These plants produce more than 10 million roses a year.
In the mornings, our colleagues cut the roses. We process our roses ten minutes after cutting, with help of a processing line and a processing machine. They are turned into bunches with equal characteristics: such as length, maturity and stem-width. These bunches are put into water and moved into a cooling cell.

Crop maintenance

After cutting, the crops are maintained. Rose plants can last up to six years, but in order to do so, they need to be treated with care.
Crop protection takes place using spraying lanes, preventing people from getting directly in touch with pesticides. This works, because the system is movable and the disinfestation takes place in the back of the greenhouse. Moreover, we try to work with ‘natural enemies’: we use natural disinfestation methods in order to minimize the use of chemical disinfestation.

Flora Holland

In the afternoon, the carts are prepared. The roses are put on a temperature-controlled transport to various locations of Flora Holland, such as Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg and the auction Rhein-Maas in Germany.
The next day, the flowers are auctioned, and buyers and exporters will spread the flowers inland and abroad. And this is how these roses find their way to many living rooms all over the world!

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